Long Time, No See – Memoris of Fallen Soldier, Burns

My memoirs from Chaos!

Chaos Army - The BEST Purple Army in CP!

Note: This post is to serve as the retirement post and memoirs I never had. The post it not fully completed so please be patient and do not delete

Hello Fallen Troops,

If you are not aware I am one of Chaos’ First Leaders and Legend. Chaos was my first and home army and I have always looked out for this army more than any other S/M army or even armies itself. I led Chaos for more than six months in my time and was part of the first CPAC Leadership; MOBS.

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Editorial: Club Penguin 4 Death

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~Nhojaxon7/Mr. Burns

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Return to Subtle Army Life

I Mr. Burns on July 4th announce that I am going to return to subtle army life. Subtle meaning not no-life all day thing but a good 2 hours a day coming to events, recruiting, and checking chat. I also am only going to be in a maximum of 2 armies, probably just 1 though. I would like to join UCCP and have a moderating position as well as looking over Chaos.

That all for now! 

~Mr. Burns

Welcome Back!

If you are reading this I just want to remind you I am alive. I Mr. Burns am alive.

~ June 30, 2015

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