Puffle Party 2013

Today, March 21st the Club Penguin Puffle Party came out! Read more to read more about this!

Many penguins around the island are very excited for the new items, rooms, and PUFFLE!  Honestly the puffle party is probably my second favorite party. Halloween is my favorite! :mrgreen:

Today, I will walk through some of the stuff at the puffle party.

1: Login to any server of Club Penguin!

2. Click the items icon in the bottom-right-hand-corner. (May not be in some rooms but if you want to visit it go to the town and do my instructions)

3. You will see a selection of items. Buy if you like!

Puffle Party 1111

4. Go to your igloo and get your puffle.

5.  Load the map and in the upper-right handed corner it will say “Puffle Party” Click it!

6. Go in the puffle hotel. (Between the Puffle Shop & The Stage.)

7. Go to the left. There you will see a elevator. Go in it and a screen will pop up. The 2nd option is the one you will click it says “GYM AND SPA”

8.  Now that you have your puffle go to the trend mills and your puffle will run!!

9. A screen will pop up collect the coins and the item.

Puffle Party 1112


Puffle Party 1113


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