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BA Crumbling?

Black Alliance Base – Frustration arrises and many people mad. 

Lately many devastations and drama has been occurring to Black Alliance armies. Lots of people mad at the Black Alliance Base. Many armies have been attacked with issues other than wars. Armies including Light Troops, Dark Warriors, Special Weapons and Tactics, and Pirates.

11:18 AM March 7th, 2013 

Light Troop’s site was down. It was taken down by Light Troops Legend & Former Leader, Ana.  She said in the following quote ”


This following quote was posted on LT site yesterday

“But most importantly because we need to show Jason and Ana how wrong they were for betraying us”

Notice who betrayed who.  I was at LT EVENT  two days in a row. First one Ioio banned me and I was helping LT even tho I am retired. Second day Ioio took away my retired owner legend status cuz I missed a tactic.

So, now you can say I betrayed you  by taking it all away.  FOOLS

Good luck LIGHT TROOPS”   Well Light Troops switched to their old website but are still in the process of recovering.

Sometime during March 17th 

SWAT’s website was defaced by Former Leader & Legend, Spi. He said he defaced the site because there was too many owners and mods or something. He then rejoined the Light Troops as a Private.  But, Jerry, Former SWAT Leader, recovered all the pages and posts.

March 17th, 2013

Waterkid100, Former Pirates Leader got overthrown he said Ace and BId Now overthrew him. Yet, Bid Now edited the post and said he did not overthrow him and Yuri would make a post later to explain what will happen. Also, Waterkid said he would stay admin on site but admin Bid Now and he would not renew the CSS that expired.

 March 7th, 2013 + March 10th, 2013

March 7th, DW Leader & Legend, XiUnknown, announced he would retire from armies as his last retirement.  Many people will miss him and it will affect Dark Warriors. 3 days later, SaW, DW Leader & Legend, announced his last retirement as well. These retirements will affect Dark Warriors and they will be missed.

Do you think the Black Alliance will crumble and die or will they rise? Will this be harsh on the community? We ask Mattg0874, SWAT’s 2ic:

I am Blue

Matt is Orange

Can I interview you for Nhojaxon CP’s News?


Do you think that the Black Alliance is falling because of LT’s site, SWAT’s defacing, Waterkid leaving pirates, etcetera?


Why do you think that? 

The BA’s mission was complete when ACP surrendered, so there was no point in counting. And LT is not doing good after the deface. 

Do you think that Dark Warriors will be affected by the retirements on their great leaders? 

No, they have capable leaders. Though I know DW will never help BA ever again, after being back-stabbed by BA armies. 


Thank you for your time it has been wonderful! 


Comment on your opinion! Do you think BA will be affected? Post coming SWAT vs. ACP


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